Change the World Health Organisation classification of Fibromyalgia to Neurological with

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Caroline joins us as a HealthUnlocked Admin

Caroline has been a member for a while and found the Hydrotherapy sessions funded by the Big Lottery Fund helpful. She has recently moved but would like to stay in touch with AFMCG and be a volunteer for us in our HealthUnlocked (HU)community. I am sure Caroline will make an excellent HU Community Admin & we Thank You very much Caroline for joining the team and giving up some time to help out.
Caroline will be chatting in and around the community! 
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We have a new Group Leader, Shirley White. Shirley has been an AFMCG co-ordination since we founded and has always supported group in any way she can.
A valued member of our team and now taking on the group leader role to take AMFCG forward.

Welcome Shirley to your new role ! Thank You for committing to this role , we appreciate your help immensely.

As the group has been out of action for a while it may take some time to get up & running again, so please bear with us. We will keep you posted, so keep popping in to look at the blog to keep up to date with all things AFMCG

If anyone is looking to help out with a few tasks as an AFMCG Volunteer do please let Shirley know

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To keep group going & run as smoothly as possible we need your help, even if it is a few hours here & there. We would be extremely grateful.

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Andover Fibromyalgia & ME/SEID Community Group Founder - Emma Jefferies

Emma has volunteered for Fibromyalgia charities for 3 years - starting in November 2012 with FibroAction and more recently with Fibromyalgia Action UK 2015 (as they merged with Fibromyalgia Association UK)


November 2012 to July 2015 - FibroAction Administrator & Chief Admin (FibroAction HealthUnlocked)
July 2015 - August 2015 - Executive Assistant & Community Co-ordinator

Need information about Fibro, see the Fibromyalgia Action UK website here > FMAUK
Would you like to join their HealthUnlocked community ? If so click here > HU

Emma says ' Welcome one & all to our group. I  hope you get great benefit from talking to others in your local area with Fibro and/or ME/SEID . I am passionate about raising awareness of both these conditions and trying to campaign for more understanding & better treatments. I am happy Shirley is now our group leader to take AFMCG forward, so look out for more projects coming up which may help you a little bit with coping with your conditions. Don't forget to order your AFMCG membership cards so you can take advantage of any projects offered! '

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Emma Jefferies - Founder/Trustee & Webmaster


The beginning of AFMCG, on the 27th May 2012 - Leaflets go around Andover and our members numbers go up & up!